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Certified Transaction Advisor Details
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APMAA Members are eligible to earn the prestigious Certified Transaction Advisor (CTA) designation.  The CTA designation can be earned entirely online and takes advantage of the APMAA’s Online University educational and testing system.  This secure system is based on the same software used by many leading university across the country.

For a limited time, the certification test is being offered at a cost of only $249 dollars.  

Certified Transaction Advisor Regulations (abbreviated)

CTA Designation Requirements:

  1. Individual must be a member in good standing with the APMAA.

  2. Individual must pledge to uphold the APMAA’s Code of Ethics.

  3. Individual must pass the online CTA Exam with a score of 75% or better.
    It is the candidate’s responsibility to prepare for the exam.

  4. Individual must meet all CTA Designation Maintenance Requirements.

CTA Exam Procedure:

  1. Register online at: APMAA’s Online University

  2. Establish a user name/password for the online testing system.

  3. Pay for the via credit card.

  4. You will need an enrollment key to enter the test (obtained on-line on the APMAA Member's only website)

  5. The test must be taken within 7 days of registration. 

  6. 4 hours to complete the exam.

  7. Graded on a Pass/Fail scale with a 75% needed to pass.

CTA Exam Overview:

  1. 100 question test consisting of 80 multiple choice and 20 true/false questions. 

  2. Contracts

  3. Legal & Regulatory Issues

  4. Professional Standards

  5. Accounting & Finance

  6. Valuation

  7. Ethics


The APMAA will issues a CTA Certificate to individuals passing the CTA exam and meeting all other CTA requirements.  Members receiving the CTA designation are granted a limited license to include the designation initials "CTA" or the words "Certified Transaction Advisor" on their marketing material (including business cards, letterhead, websites, etc.).

 Full CTA Regulations may be found on the APMAA Member Website