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Insider's Guide

The APMAA Insider's Guide is the working professional's resource center of choice. Below is only a sample of the material available to our APMAA Members online. 


Sample Table of Contents        
  Listing Agreements   Marketing Material  
    Sell side - exclusive      Valuation - Presentation  
    Sell side - w/exception     Direct Mail Example  
    Buy Side      Newsletter Template  
    "C" Corp. Addendum     Many more....  
  Online Calculators   Education & Reference  
    Business Valuation     How to Sell a Company (SBA manual)  
    Price Analysis     SBA Loan Program Overview  
          Legal & Regulatory Issues Overview  
  Confidentiality Agreements        
Multiple versions available Financial Templates
          Valuation Model - simple  
  Referral, Co-broker, Consulting     Valuation Model - complex  
    Referral Fee        
    Co-broker   Due Diligence  
    Consultant     Multiple forms & checklists  
  Misc. Forms   Electronic Books  
    Buyer Registration - Individual     Corporate Finance  
    Buyer Registration - PE     The Accounting Cycle  
    File Check List     Using Accounting Information  
    Early Termination w/fee        
    General Release Agreement        

 And many more files available online!